WFLB series Waterproof LED Flexible Light Bar-Strip Modules Source



WFLB series Waterproof LED Flexible Light Bar

WFLB series Waterproof Flexible Light Bars use 5mm LEDs with 100° viewing angle
Beam Pattern100 degreeWater Resistance[1]Waterproof IP67LED Type5mmLifetime10000 HoursLumen68 LumenPolarizedYesStandards And CertificationsCE/FCC/ISA Approved/ROHS CompliantStrip Width13mmSuitable for VehiclesYesTypeFlexible Light Strips/Side EmittingOperating Voltage Range9~14.8 VDCWire Length50.8cm(20in)
Part NONumber of LEDs in UnitTotal LengthEmitting ColorCCT / Wavelength [1]Intensity Per FootIntensityRadiant PowerCurrent Draw per Foot @ 12 Volts DC [2]Current Draw @ 12 Volts DC [3]Max Run [4]CRIPrice
WFLB-CW48-DI4848.00cm (1.57ft)Cool White6000 K43 lm/ft68 lm84 mA (1 W)132 mA$19.95
WFLB-WW48-DI4848.00cm (1.57ft)Warm White2900 K30 lm/ft48 lm73 mA (0.9 W)114 mA$19.95
WFLB-B48-DI4848.00cm (1.57ft)Blue467 nm36576 mcd/ft57600 mcd85 mA (1 W)114 mA$16.95
WFLB-G48-DI4848.00cm (1.57ft)Green520 nm48768 mcd/ft76800 mcd85 mA (1 W)132 mA$17.95
WFLB-R48-DI4848.00cm (1.57ft)Red627 nm36576 mcd/ft57600 mcd109 mA (1.3 W)170 mA$12.95
WFLB-Y48-DI4848.00cm (1.57ft)Yellow590 nm36576 mcd/ft57600 mcd109 mA (1.3 W)170 mA$12.95
WFLB-CW24-DI2424.00cm (0.79ft)Cool White6000 K43 lm/ft34 lm84 mA (1 W)66 mA(Discontinued)
WFLB-WW24-DI2424.00cm (0.79ft)Warm White2900 K30 lm/ft24 lm72 mA (0.9 W)57 mA(Discontinued)
WFLB-B24-DI2424.00cm (0.79ft)Blue467 nm36576 mcd/ft28800 mcd84 mA (1 W)66 mA(Discontinued)
WFLB-G24-DI2424.00cm (0.79ft)Green520 nm48768 mcd/ft38400 mcd84 mA (1 W)66 mA(Discontinued)
WFLB-R24-DI2424.00cm (0.79ft)Red627 nm36576 mcd/ft28800 mcd108 mA (1.3 W)85 mA(Discontinued)
WFLB-Y24-DI2424.00cm (0.79ft)Yellow590 nm36576 mcd/ft28800 mcd120 mA (2.6 W)95 mA$6.95

WFLB-x24 & WFLB-x48

WFLB Mounting Bracket