Vollong 3W RGB High Power LED-Driver Component LED


Vollong 3W RGB High Power LED

ColorRGBContinuous Forward Current350/400Forward Voltage2.5V/3.4VLED BrandVollongLED Package14.5 mm x 7.5 mmLumen (Max)60 LumenMaximum Forward Voltage2.8V/3.8VMaximum LED Junction Temperature120Millicandela43000mcdOperating Temperature-35~+50 °CPeak Forward Current800mAReverse Voltage5VStorage Temperature-35~+50 °CViewing Angle120 degreeWavelength465 nm/525 nm/625 nm

Characteristics – Absolute Maximum Ratings @ Ta=25°C
Forward Current (Red)400mA
Forward Current (Blue/Green)350mA
Peak Forward Current (1/10th duty cycle, 0.1ms pulse width)800mA
Reverse Voltage5V
LED Junction Temperature120°C
Storage and Operating Temperature-35°C ~ +50°C°C
Soldering Temperature300 for 3.5 seconds max°C
optoelectric characteristics:
View Angle of Half Power2?1/2120Degree
Forward Voltage @ 400mA (Red)V2.82.5V
Forward Voltage @ 350mA (Green/Blue)V3.83.4V
Dominant Wavelength – RedλD625nm
Dominant Wavelength – GreenλD525nm
Dominant Wavelength – BlueλD465nm
Luminous IntensityIVR:55 G:60 B:20lm
Vollong 3W