SWDC series Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller-Strip Modules Source

SWDC series Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller

Remote[1] Single Device Pairing Standards And Certifications CE/FCC/ROHS Compliant Suitable for Vehicles No Type RGB Controller Volts 12V DC

Product Specifications

Applications:? Color selection, change, and chase with speed, direction and length control for accent lighting
Function: Control SWDC-RGB-2 series Light Strips using controller unit or RF remote
Operating Voltage:?? 12 Volts DC (use included 12VDC 1A Compact Power Supply)
Connection Mode:?? Common Anode (+)
Output:? 2 SPI signals
Maximum Load Current:??
Output Power:?
Static Power Consumption:? 2.2 Watts
Overall Size:? (L)94 X (W)58 X (H)26 mm
Control Method:? 6 button on Controller Unit or wireless RF Remote Control
Batteries Required: 23A, 12V battery for Remote (included)
Modes: 83 Color chasing or changing
Operating Temperature: -25~60°C
USER MANUAL (pdf): Click here User Manual

Typical Wiring Schematic

RGB-DC83: 12VDC Dream Color RGB LED Controller

The model RGB-DC83 controller is designed to be used with the SWDC-RGB160 series Silicone Enlcosed RGB Flexible Light Strip. Control the sequence mode, chase length, and speed of 83 different dynamic chasing patterns from the RF Remote Controller or directly on the RGB Controller unit. The Dream-Color systems controls each RGB LED in the strip independently.


1.)VERY IMPORTANT: Supply voltage for Controller is 12 Volts DC, power with included 12VDC Power Supply, do not exceed

2.)VERY IMPORTANT: Supply voltage for SWDC-RGB series Light Strips is 5 Volts DC, 12 Volts will destroy the SWDC-RGB series LED Strip

3.) Connect according to the drawing below.
4.) + (plus) and – (minus) #IC buttons will only work when unit is off.
5.) Each Controller has a handheld Remote matched to it and will only work with it’s matched remote. One remote cannot operate multiple controllers.
6.) Controller can control a maximum of 30 meters of our Flexible RGB LED Strip. Over 30 meters, the Strips have to connect with an amplifier to reinforce the transmission of signal.
7.) Do not exceed 80% of Power Supply capacity when calculating Power Supply size to use in your system.