SWDC series Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller and RF Remote-Strip Modules Source


SWDC series Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller and RF Remote

Amps2.50ADC Jack Type5.5 Barrel ConnectorRemote TypeRadio Frequency/Re-programmableStandards And CertificationsCE/FCC/ROHS CompliantSuitable for VehiclesNoTypeRGB ControllerVolts12V DCDimensions: 8.62cm(3.39″) x 4.02cm(1.58″) x 0.68cm(0.27″)

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Product Specifications

Dynamic Program99 Programs
Dynamic Speed10 Levels
Dynamic Length16-500
Demo ModeYes
Static Color20 colors
Static Brightness10 levels
Working VoltageDC 5-24V
Driving Capacity800 Pixels
Control ModeRF wireless remote
Remote Frequency433.92MHz
Remote Distance>15 Meters at open area
0Static color51Blue-white-blue open
1Full color forward flow52Blue-white-blue close
2Full color reverse flow53Red-white-red forward
3Full color open54Red-white-red reverse
4Full color close55Red-white-red open
56-color forward comet56Red-white-red close
66-color reverse comet57Green-white-green
76-color comet open58Green-white-green
86-color comet close59Green-white-green open
93-color forward comet60Green-white-green close
103-color reverse comet61Green sway
113-color comet open62Green sway with stacking
123-color comet close63Red sway
13Green sandglass64Red sway with grounding
14Red sandglass65Blue sway
15Blue sandglass66Blue sway with
163-color sandglass67Yellow sway
176-color forward flow68Yellow sway with stacking
186-color reverse flow69Purple sway
196-color open70Purple sway with stacking
206-color close71Cyan sway
213-color forward72Cyan sway with stacking
223-color reverse733-color sway
233-color open743-color sway with stacking
243-color close756-color sway
25Red-purple-red forward766-color sway with stacking
26Red-purple-red reverse77Blue ground white ping-pong
27Red-purple-red open78Green ping-pong
28Red-purple-red close79Green ping-pong with
29Red-yellow-red forward80Red ping-pong
30Red-yellow-red reverse81Red ping-pong with stacking
31Red-yellow-red open82Blue ping-pong
32Red-yellow-red close83Blue ping-pong with stacking
33Green-yellow-green843-color ping-pong with stacking
34Green-yellow-green856-color ping-pong with
35Green-yellow-green open86Green drop
36Green-yellow-green close87Green drop with ground
37Green-cyan-green forward88Red drop
38Green-cyan-green reverse89Red drop with ground
39Green-cyan-green open90Blue drop
40Green-cyan-green close91Blue drop with ground
41Blue-purple-blue forward92Blue ground white drop
42Blue-purple-blue reverse93Red ground white drop
43Blue-purple-blue open94Green ground white drop
44Blue-purple-blue close953-color drop
45Blue-cyan-blue forward966-color drop
46Blue-cyan-blue reverse973-color sway
47Blue-cyan-blue open986-color sway
48Blue-cyan-blue close996-color jump
49Blue-white-blue forward 
50Blue-white-blue reverse