SEDC series Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller-LED Flexible Strip



SEDC series Dream-Color Chasing RGB Controller

Applications:?Color selection, change, and chase with speed, direction and length control for accent lighting
Function:Control SEDC-RGB series Light Strips using controller unit or RF remote
Operating Voltage:??5 Volts DC
Connection Mode:??Common Anode (+)
Output:?2 SPI signals
Maximum Load Current:??
Output Power:?
Static Power Consumption:?2.2 Watts
Overall Size:?(L)94 X (W)58 X (H)26 mm
Control Method:?6 button on Controller Unit or wireless RF Remote Control
Batteries Required:23A, 12V battery for Remote (included)
Modes:99 Color chasing or changing
Operating Temperature:-25~75°C

Typical Wiring Schematic


  • 1. Program Window

    Indicate current running program numbered from 01-99 “HL” stands for auto loop mode. When in HL mode the display alternates between “HL” and the current program

  • 2. Speed Window

    Indicates current running running speed from 01-99. The greater the number the faster the speed and vice-versa.

  • 3. Turn On/Stand By

    Press this key to power the unit on, or switch it into standby mode. The display will show the running unit length value in standby mode.

  • 4. Pause/Play

    Toggle between Play and Pause. The display blinks with the current value when Pause mode.

  • 5/6. Next/Previous Program

    Jump to the next or the previous program.

  • 7/8. Speed up/Slow down

    Programs run faster when pressing “Speed up” and run slower when pressing “Slow down”. A 99 in the speed window indicates the top speed and ’01’ indicates the slowest. The speed may vary depending on what program is running.

  • 9/10. Running unit length Increase/Decrease

    Used to increase or decrease the program running unit length. The window will display a number starting with the letter ‘L’. This number will vary from 16-200 with a greater number corresponding to a longer unith length. This number is a relative value does not have a strict relation to the LED numbers. In some programs the running speed may drop when the unit length increases.

  • 11. Remote Antenna

    The distance of the remote control can be increased by pulling out this antenna.

  • 12. Power Input

    The power input socket is on the side of the unit (see 12 on the diagram). Power requirements for different models are listed below.

    PowerDC 12V/2A
  • 13. Outputs

    There are two output jackets on the bottom of the unit (see 13 on the diagram). Pin functions are listed below.

RGB-DC99: 12VDC Dream Color RGB LED Controller

The model RGB-DC99 controller is designed to be used with the SEDC-RGB160 series Silicone Enlcosed RGB Flexible Light Strip. Control the sequence mode, chase length, and speed of 99 different dynamic chasing patterns from the RF Remote Controller or directly on the RGB Controller unit. The Dream-Color systems controls each RGB LED in the strip independently.


1.)VERY IMPORTANT: Supply voltage for Controller is 12 Volts DC, power with included 12VDC Power Supply, do not exceed

2.)VERY IMPORTANT: Supply voltage for SEDC-RGB series Light Strips is 5 Volts DC, 12 Volts will destroy the SEDC-RGB series LED Strip

3.) Connect according to the drawing below.
4.) + (plus) and – (minus) #IC buttons will only work when unit is off.
5.) Each Controller has a handheld Remote matched to it and will only work with it’s matched remote. One remote cannot operate multiple controllers.
6.) Strip can be trimmed down to length by cutting it every 2 LEDs. If this is done waterproofing accessories are required on end that was cut.


1?Full color forward flow51Green-cyan-green reverse
2Full color reverse flow52Green-cyan-green-open
3Full color open53Green-cyan-green-close
4Full color open54Green-blue-green forward
53-color fade forward55Green-blue-green reverse
63-color fade reverse56Green-blue-green open
73-color fade open57Green-blue-green close
83-color fade close58Red-white-red forward
96-color forward comet59Red-white-red reverse
106-color reverse comet60Red-white-red open
116-color comet open61Red-white-red close
126-color comet close62Blue-white-blue forward
133-color forward63Blue-white-blue reverse
146-color reverse comet64Blue-white-blue open
153-color comet open65Blue-white-blue close
163-color comet close66Green-white-green forward
173-color fade67Green-white-green close
18Red sandglass68Green-white-green open
19Green sandglass69Green-white-green close
20Blue sandglass706-color forward fade in out
213-color sandglass713-color forward fade in out
22Red 2-way sandglass72Red drop
23Green 2-way sandglass73Green drop
24Blue 2-way sandglass74Blue drop
25Blue 2-way sandglass75Yellow drop
266-color forward flow76Purple drop
276-color reverse flow77Cyan drop
286-color open78White drop
296-color close797-color drop
303-color forward80Red drop with grounding
313-color reverse81Green drop with grounding
323-color open82Blue drop with grounding
333-color close84Blue drop with grounding
34Red-purple-red forward843-color sway
35Red-purple-red reverse856-color sway
36Red-purple-red open86Red sway with grounding
37Red-purple-red close87Green sway with grounding
38Red-yellow-red forward88Blue sway with grounding
39Red-yellow-red forward89White sway with grounding
40Red-yellow-red open903-color sway with grounding
41Red-yellow-red open91Red stretch
42Red-green-red forward92Green stretch
43Red-green-red reverse93Blue stretch
44Red-green-red open94Green drop with grounding
45Red-green-red close953-color stretch
46Red-blue-red forward96Red ping-pong
47Red-blue-red reverse97Blue ping-pong
48Red-blue-red open986-color ping-pong
49Red-green-red close99Red & blue flash
50Green-cyan-green forwardHLAuto loop mode
Product Specifications
Remote[1]Single Device PairingStandards And CertificationsCE/FCC/ROHS Compliant
Suitable for VehiclesNoTypeRGB Controller
Volts12V DC
Dimensions: 13.71cm(5.4″) x 10.46cm(4.12″) x 5.9cm(2.32″)