RGB Remote-Down & Ceiling

RGB Remote

Remote Type Multi Device Pairing Standards And Certifications CE/FCC/ROHS Compliant Type RGB Controller Dimensions: 9.397cm(3.7″) x 5.2cm(2.05″) x 0.75cm(0.3″)

G-LUX series RGB Remote


Remote Functions
1. (ON): Switch on the spotlight 2. (OFF): Switch off the spotlight
3. (SETUP): N/A(for use with RS-485 system) 4. (CANCEL): N/A(for use with RS-485 system)
5. (FLASH): Fast color change 6. (STROBE): Slow color change
7. (FADE): Fast color transition 8. (SMOOTH): Slow color transition
9 & 10. (R, G, B, W & 12 Buttons): Directly activates static color mode(9) including pure white(10) 11. (BUTTONS IN THE LIGHT CONE): Adjust light intensity
12 & 13. (CHANGE BATTERY): Use only new 3V lithium button cell battery