ProLight 1-Watt RGB LED-LED Source CHIP SMD COB


ProLight 1-Watt RGB LED

ColorRGBLED BrandProLightLED Package14.5 mm x 7.5 mmLED TypeProLight High Power 1 WattLens ColorClearLumen45 LumenMillicandela12000mcdTotal Power Consumption1 WattViewing Angle130 degreeWavelength465 nm/525 nm/623 nm


Part Number: PM6B-1LFS
absolute maximum ratings: (TA=25°C)
DC Forward Current150mA
Peak Forward Current (1/10th duty cycle, 0.1ms pulse width)250mA
Average Forward Current150mA
LED Junction Temperature120°C
Aluminum-core PCB Temperature105°C
Storage and Operating Temperature-40~+105°C
Soldering Temperature235°C
optoelectric characteristics:
View Angle of Half Power2?1/2130Degree
Forward Voltage @ 150mAV4.13.5V
Dominant Wavelength – RedλD623nm
Dominant Wavelength – GreenλD525nm
Dominant Wavelength – BlueλD465nm
Luminous IntensityIVR:15 G:22 B:5.8lm