MSC2-24W LED Multi-function Strobe Controller-LED Car Bulb


MSC2-24W LED Multi-function Strobe Controller

TypeBrake Strobe ModuleDimensions: 12.3cm(4.84″) x 2.76cm(1.09″) x 4.2cm(1.65″)

Output Power: 24W(MAX.)
Operating ambient temperature: -40 °C~ +50 °C
Case Material & Size: (ABS(Black color) /46 * 28 * 14mm (L * W * H)
Wire Length: 120cm (Input), 300cm (Output)
Installation Instructions
  • Find a suitable interior mounting location for the controller that allows for convenient access to change modes when desired

  • Wire controller outputs directly to desired LED lighting (maximum power consumption 12W per side/channel)

  • To change modes quickly press and release the MODE button. TO power off the lights press and hold MODE for 2 seconds