MR16 Bulbs with 24 LEDs-Boat Yacht Light


MR16 Bulbs with 24 LEDs

BaseGX5.3 (MR16)Bulb TypeMR16Comparable Wattage5~10 WattsDiameter2 inDimmableNoLED Quantity24 LEDsLED Package3 mm (T-1)Lens ColorClearLumen21 LumenOversizeYesTypeBi-PinOperating Voltage Range9.5~14.2V AC/DC
Part NOEmitting ColorLED Wattage [1]Total Power Consumption [2]Intensity per LEDIntensityBeam PatternMilliwatt [3]CCT / Wavelength [4]Current Draw @ Operating VoltageCRIPrice Ea.
MR16-W24-15-DICool White1.8 W0.8 lm/led21 lm15 °9500 K62 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-W24-100-DICool White0.8 lm/led21 lm100 °9500 K62 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-B24-15-DIBlue1.8 W7000 mcd/led168000 mcd15 °474 nm58 mA$6.95
MR16-B24-100-DIBlue1.8 W7000 mcd/led168000 mcd100 °474 nm58 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-G24-100-DIGreen7500 mcd/led180000 mcd100 °532 nm52 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-R24-15-DIRed1.8 W8000 mcd/led192000 mcd15 °626 nm88 mA$3.95
MR16-R24-100-DIRed1.8 W8000 mcd/led192000 mcd100 °626 nm88 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-A24-15-DIAmber1.8 W5000 mcd/led120000 mcd15 °593 nm62 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-A24-100-DIAmber1.8 W5000 mcd/led120000 mcd100 °593 nm62 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-UV24-15-DIUV1.8 W15 °405 nm48 mA(Discontinued)
MR16-UV24-100-DIUV100 °405 nm48 mA(Discontinued)