MCB-RGB4 Mini RGB Controller-Strip Modules Source



MCB-RGB4 Mini RGB Controller

Applications:?Specific color selection or color change with speed control modes and dimming capabilities for accent lighting
Function:Dim and control 3 channel RGB LED products from 10~100% using PWM with controller unit
Operating Voltage:??8~16 Volts DC
Connection Mode:??Common anode (+)
Output:? 3 channel RGB (4-pin port)
Maximum Load Current:??4 Amps/channel (12 Amps total)
Output Power:?144W @ 12V
Overall Size:?(L)40 x (W)13 x (H)5 mm
Control Method:?Controller buttons (no remote)
Modes:39 total (20 static and 19 dynamic)
Operating Temperature:-25~60°C

Typical Wiring Schematic


MCB-RGB4: 12VDC Mini RGB LED Controller

The model MCB-RGB4 is a Mini RGB controller with function buttons on board to control and dim any of our Red/Green/Blue (RGB) LED Light Bars and Light Strips. Several different static colors (including pure white) and dynamic color changing modes are selectable and adjustable using the buttons on the RGB controller.


1.) Only power with 8~16VDC power supply.
2.) Connect according to the drawing below.
3.) QUICK and SLOW speed buttons will only work when unit is in one of the color changing (dynamic) modes.
4.) Controller can control a maximum of 30 meters of our Flexible RGB LED Strip. Over 30 meters, the strips have to connect with an amplifier to reinforce the transmission of signal. Use one RGB Amplifier for every 30 meters of additional LED Strips.
5.) Do not exceed 80% of Power Supply capacity when calculating Power Supply size to use in your system.

Mode List

Static Colors:
(Select “COLOR”) ?
Dynamic Color Changing:
(Select “MODE”)
1. Blue11. Orange1. Random11. Tri-color instant change
2. Green12. Yellow2. Seven-color fade12. Seven-color instant change
3. Red13. Lime Green3. Tri-color crossfade13. Tri-color strobe
4. Ultra-Violet Blue14. Aqua4. Seven-color crossfade14. Blue strobe
5. Light Blue15. Sky Blue5. Blue fade in/out15. Aqua strobe
6. Indigo16. Pure White6. Aqua fade in/out16. Green strobe
7. Purple17. Cool White7. Green fade in/out17. Red strobe
8. Light Purple18. Super Cool White8. Yellow fade in/out18. White strobe
9. Magenta19. Blue White9. Red fade in/out19. Seven-color strobe
10. Coral20. Deep Blue10. White fade in/out?


Controller Connections

Button Functions

RGB Light Bars & StripsUniversal RGB Controllers and Dimmers
Numbers below represent the maximum number of units the controller can drive without the use of RGB amplifiers
RGB Amplifiers
Numbers below represent the maximum number of units the Amplifier can drive
ProductCurrent Draw @ 12 Volt DCProduct LengthMax Run*MCB-RGB4RGB-A4RGB-WA4MRGB-A4MRGB-A4-CPSRGBW-A6
RGB-1-DI230ma0.305m (1ft)205252525252104
NFLS-RGB15-DI202ma0.5m (1.6ft)205959595959118
NFLS-RGB30-DI404ma1m (3.3ft)10292929292959
NFLS-RGB150-DI1855ma5m (16.4ft)26666612
NFLS-RGB150X23295ma5m (16.4ft)1333337
NFLS-RGB150-KIT1970ma5m (16.4ft)26666612
NFLS-RGB30X2-WHT808ma1m (3.3ft)5141414141429
NFLS-RGBNW300X3-WHT4700ma5m (16.4ft)1222225
NFLS-RGBWW300X3-WHT3750ma5m (16.4ft)1333336
* Maximum number of light bars in one run (end to end) – for higher quantities, multiple runs back to the power supply, controller, or amplifier must be made to prevent excessive voltage drop Note: To determine the maximum number of any LED products on a single Power Supply – divide the total current capability of the power supply by the current draw of the LED product – then multiply that number by 0.8 (for 80% capacity)