LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light 奇葩物:太阳能充气LED灯-Solution&Case


LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light 奇葩物:太阳能充气LED灯


LuminAID Solar Inflatable Light creative things from two design students , after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti , they found that after a lot of natural disasters, the victims are in urgent need of a tool in times of emergency lighting can be easy to use, so LuminAID inflatable solar light came into being.


Product launch in 2013 , depending on the purpose of use , there are $ 10 at the beginning of the pre-sale , $ 15 , $ 25 three kinds of prices. $ 15 for the personal use of the purchase price , $ 10 for the donation , the product will be sent to some countries in the region have not yet energized families and schools , $ 25 , compared with a suit for personal use, one for donations. Many U.S. media , including CNN, FOX, Today Show as well as newspapers and magazines have reported this product .


The LED lights are waterproof plastic packaging can be inflated by mouth after , enhanced diffusion of light. Surface of the solar panel to charge , depending on the intensity of sunlight , for about 5-7 hours can be fully charged. You can select the brightness level of two tranches , respectively, 40 lumens and 20 lumens brightness can continue to light under low 14-16 hours , 8-10 hours of continuous high-grade brightness . Remove disaster situations , the same applies to everyday life and outdoor activities.


Amazon is currently priced at U.S. $ 19.86 , weighs less than 100 grams , although slightly higher than before the official sale price , but wins in buying convenience . If you like this creative product , it may be more than the purchase of other goods in the back of a single scrape .


PS: This is not a genuine pillow ! Besides Taobao also sell cheap imitations . Amazon U.S. sale : Price $ 19.95 .






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