Lightweight and elegant layering delicate mushroom LED lighting 层次感细腻 轻巧素雅的LED蘑菇灯饰-Solution&Case


Lightweight and elegant layering delicate mushroom LED lighting 层次感细腻 轻巧素雅的LED蘑菇灯饰

 It is said that the status of interior lighting industry has equivalent status handbags in the fashion industry, it is also the case, pay more attention to decorative lighting and entertainment. With the continuous improvement of people’s lifestyle, not just for life lighting fixtures, slowly evolved into a fascinating and charming fashion accessories. 



Lightweight and elegant LED Mushroom Lamp 


Designers from Amsterdam Andreas Kowalewski, created this series of fungi mushroom lights, glowing lampposts and lampshades using nylon webbing as the material, and the webbing with a special glue bonded together, so that the internal LED light, the different colors the lamp body becomes shiny translucent, revealing layers of subtle texture issue like elegant and mysterious lighting effects.


层次感细腻 轻巧素雅的LED蘑菇灯饰

层次感细腻 轻巧素雅的LED蘑菇灯饰

层次感细腻 轻巧素雅的LED蘑菇灯饰

  来自荷兰阿姆斯特丹的设计师Andreas Kowalewski,创作了这一系列的真菌蘑菇灯,发光的灯柱和灯罩使用尼龙织带作为材料,并用特殊胶水将织带粘合在一起,这样内部LED灯发光时,不同颜色的灯体变成通体透亮,显现出一层层细致的纹理,发出喜欢的优雅而神秘的灯光效果。




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