LF1-S-PIN Universal Motorcycle Electronic Flasher-LED Car Bulb



LF1-S-PIN Universal Motorcycle Electronic Flasher

Clicking SoundNoPolarizedYesTypeLED Motorcycle FlasherTypical Vehicle TypeUniversal MotorcycleDimensions: 3.85cm(1.52″) x 3cm(1.18″) x 4.5cm(1.77″)

Case: Nylon pa6,6 + 30% Black
Technical Characteristics
Nominal VoltageUn12V
Operating VoltageUop11V…15V
Pull-in VoltageUi[email protected]
Test VoltageUp13V±0.2V
Test TemperatureTp+20°C±2°C
Switch PowerAn0.02A – 12A
Max. PowerAmMax. 150W
Flashing Frequencyf90 TIMES/min±10%
Operating TemperatureTop-40°C…+80°C
Storage TemperatureTsto+100°C/2h
Life Time200h/Wn
Operates SilentlyYes
Notes: Some of these flashers operate silently, they do not make the familiar clicking sound when operating. One solution is to connect a common automotive relay to the output along with your LED bulbs.

Dimensions in millimeters (inches)