LED Linear Light Bar Fixture-Dimmers


LED Linear Light Bar Fixture

LBFA series Fixtures use 5050SMD LEDs with 110° viewing angle
Beam Pattern110 degreeIP RatingNon-WeatherproofLED Type5050 SMDLifetime40000 HoursLumen (Max)893 LumenPolarizedNoStandards And CertificationsCE/FCC/ROHS CompliantSuitable for VehiclesNoTypeAluminum Light Bars/Rigid Light BarsOperating Voltage Range24 VDC
Part NONumber of LEDs in UnitTotal LengthStrip WidthEmitting ColorCCT / Wavelength [1]Lumen Per FootLumenPower Consumption/ft @ 24 Volts DCMax Run [2]Current Draw @ 24 Volts DCCRIPrice Ea.
LBFA-CW6614.99cm (0.49ft)Cool White6000 K222 lm/ft109 lm141 mA (3.4 W)2469 mA$12.95
LBFA-NW6614.99cm (0.49ft)Natural White4000 K228 lm/ft112 lm141 mA (3.4 W)2469 mA$12.95
LBFA-WW6614.99cm (0.49ft)Warm White2800 K216 lm/ft106 lm141 mA (3.4 W)2469 mA$12.95
LBFA-CW121229.97cm (0.98ft)Cool White6000 K222 lm/ft218 lm141 mA (3.4 W)12138 mA$19.95
LBFA-NW121229.97cm (0.98ft)Natural White4000 K227 lm/ft223 lm141 mA (3.4 W)12138 mA$19.95
LBFA-WW121229.97cm (0.98ft)Warm White2800 K215 lm/ft211 lm141 mA (3.4 W)12138 mA$19.95
LBFA-CW242460.00cm (1.97ft)Cool White6000 K222 lm/ft437 lm140 mA (3.4 W)6275 mA$39.95
LBFA-NW242460.00cm (1.97ft)Natural White4000 K227 lm/ft447 lm140 mA (3.4 W)6275 mA$39.95
LBFA-WW242460.00cm (1.97ft)Warm White2800 K215 lm/ft423 lm140 mA (3.4 W)6275 mA$39.95
LBFA-CW363690.00cm (2.95ft)Cool White6000 K222 lm/ft656 lm141 mA (3.4 W)4415 mA$59.95
LBFA-NW363690.00cm (2.95ft)Natural White4000 K227 lm/ft670 lm141 mA (3.4 W)4415 mA$59.95
LBFA-WW363690.00cm (2.95ft)Warm White2800 K215 lm/ft634 lm141 mA (3.4 W)4415 mA$59.95
LBFA-CW4848120.00cm (3.94ft)Cool White6000 K222 lm/ft874 lm140 mA (3.4 W)3550 mA$79.95
LBFA-NW4848120.00cm (3.94ft)Natural White4000 K227 lm/ft893 lm140 mA (3.4 W)3550 mA$79.95
LBFA-WW4848120.00cm (3.94ft)Warm White2800 K215 lm/ft845 lm140 mA (3.4 W)3550 mA$79.95
LBFA-CW225.08cm (0.17ft)Cool White6000 K187 lm/ft36 lm150 mA (3.6 W)7225 mA$5.95
LBFA-NW225.08cm (0.17ft)Natural White4000 K192 lm/ft37 lm150 mA (3.6 W)7225 mA$5.95
LBFA-WW225.08cm (0.17ft)Warm White2800 K210 lm/ft35 lm150 mA (3.6 W)7225 mA$5.95

LBFA LuxBar Linear Light Fixture

Dimensions in millimeters (inches)