LDRF-RGB6-TC3 RGB Controller w/ RF Touch Color Remote-Strip Modules Source



LDRF-RGB6-TC3 RGB Controller w/ RF Touch Color Remote

Applications:?Direct access color selection and functions with dimmable and speed controls
Function:Control 3 channel RGB LED products using wireless RF remote
Operating Voltage:??
Connection Mode:??Common Anode (+)
Output:?Three CMOS drain-open output
Maximum Load Current:?? 24VDC – 6 Amps per channel (18 Amps total)
Output Power:?216W @ 12V / 432W @ 24V
Control Method:?Wireless RF Remote Control – Frequency 433MHz
Batteries Required:Three AAA batteries
Modes:7 dynamic color changing / Warm White/ Cool White / Color Wheel
Operating Temperature:-25~60°C

Dynamic Modes



1.) Do not scratch the sensing area. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify the device.
2.) Disconnect the power (adapter) before installing/removing this controller.
3.) Do not use this device near water, or moisture for indoor use only.
4.) This product should only be operated from the type of power source indicated on the label.

Typical Wiring Schematic

RF Touch Color Remote Control

RGB Light Bars & StripsUniversal RGB Controllers and Dimmers
Numbers below represent the maximum number of units the controller can drive without the use of RGB amplifiers
RGB Amplifiers
Numbers below represent the maximum number of units the Amplifier can drive
ProductCurrent Draw @ 12 Volt DCProduct LengthMax Run*LDRF-RGB6-TC3RGB-A4RGB-WA4MRGB-A4MRGB-A4-CPSRGBW-A6
RGB-1-DI230ma0.305m (1ft)207852525252104
NFLS-RGB15-DI202ma0.5m (1.6ft)208959595959118
NFLS-RGB30-DI404ma1m (3.3ft)10442929292959
NFLS-RGB150-DI1855ma5m (16.4ft)29666612
NFLS-RGB150X23295ma5m (16.4ft)1533337
NFLS-RGB150-KIT1970ma5m (16.4ft)29666612
NFLS-RGB30X2-WHT808ma1m (3.3ft)5221414141429
NFLS-RGBNW300X3-WHT4700ma5m (16.4ft)1322225
NFLS-RGBWW300X3-WHT3750ma5m (16.4ft)1433336
* Maximum number of light bars in one run (end to end) – for higher quantities, multiple runs back to the power supply, controller, or amplifier must be made to prevent excessive voltage drop Note: To determine the maximum number of any LED products on a single Power Supply – divide the total current capability of the power supply by the current draw of the LED product – then multiply that number by 0.8 (for 80% capacity)
Product Specifications
Amps18.00 AmpsAmps per Channel6 Amps/CH
Controller FunctionsColor WheelRemote[1]Multi Device Pairing/Radio Frequency
Standards And CertificationsCE/FCC/ROHS CompliantSuitable for VehiclesYes
TypeRGB ControllerVolts12~24 VDC
Dimensions: 10.16cm(4″) x 4.127cm(1.62″) x 2.857cm(1.12″)