DMX-4CH-5A 5 Amp 4 Channel LED DMX Controller/Decoder-Strip Modules Source


DMX-4CH-5A 5 Amp 4 Channel LED DMX Controller/Decoder

Applications:?Neccessary conversions of DMX to PWM signals for driving LEDs
Function:Control four different 12VDC LED products or 1 RGB LED and 1 single color LED product using DMX console or standalone mode with onboard DIP switches
Operating Voltage:??12~24 Volts DC (use only 12VDC power with 12VDC LEDs)
Connection Mode:??Common Anode (+)
Output:?Four CMOS output
Maximum Load Current:??5 Amps/channel (20 Amps total)
Output Power:?240 Watts
Overall Size:?(L)166 X (W)67 X (H)41 mm
Control Method:?DMX512 RJ45 / DMX512 3-pin XLR / Standalone DIP switches
Standalone Modes:9 total (7 static and 2 dynamic) see desc. below
Operating Temperature:-25~60°C

Control Functions

1.) Standalone mode is activated when FUN(10)=ON, the following functions can be set using address codes DIP switch

Coding SwitchFunction
switch 1-9=OFFOFF
Switch 1=ONRed
Switch 2=ONGreen
Switch 3=ONBlue
Switch 4=ONYellow
Switch 5=ONPurple
Switch 6=ONCyan
Switch 7=ONWhite
Switch 8=ONSeven Color Change Instant (speed function activated – see coding below)
Switch 9=ONSeven Color Change Fading (speed function activated – see coding below)
Coding SwitchSpeed Function (When 8 or 9=ON and 10=ON)
Switch 1-7=OFFSlowest Color Change Mode
Switch 1=ON1 Step Faster
Switch 2=ON2 Steps Faster
Switch 7=ONFastest Color Change Mode

2.) DMX signal can be received when FUN(10)=OFF, along with using either the DMX512 RJ45 input/output interface or the DMX512 3-pin XLR input/output interface


1.) Only power with 12VDC Power Supply to connect to 12 Volt Light Strips or unit will be damaged. Our Enclosed Power Supplies can be direct wired to “+” and “-” terminals on removable Green connector on side of unit.
2.) Connect according to the above drawing and note that the Green Connectors can be unplugged from the unit.
3.) Do not exceed 80% of Power Supply capacity when calculating Power Supply size to use in your system.
4.) Not suitable for automobile applications


Dimensions in millimeters (inches)

Typical Wiring Schematic