Creative LED lights super astronauts LED Night light 创意LED灯 超萌的宇航员LED小夜灯-Solution&Case


Creative LED lights super astronauts LED Night light 创意LED灯 超萌的宇航员LED小夜灯

 When you sit in front of the computer, like the Promise of the universe around like the dark, this “little astronaut” just fly over, you want to embrace with open arms when there are wood feel very warm. 


To the inspiration for the design of gravity astronauts USB night light, exquisitely lovely. Open the astronaut’s helmet visor, its two will be light, the mask will close out the lights. Extremely power, duty day and night, LED light long life, night illuminate the keyboard, do not disturb the rest of the family. 


Just plug it into the USB interface, adjust the angle, turn it face mask, you can accompany you to work together, play games together, the eyes from the light it emitted, quietly watching over you, it will not disturb your side people. 


The helmet pushed in the end, I heard a “click” sound, “Little astronauts” will open its “dark exploration.” If you want to turn off the lights, close the helmet to hand pull the three raised dots on the helmet would be more easily during operation.





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