CF12ANL-01 LED Bulb Electronic Flasher-LED Car Bulb


CF12ANL-01 LED Bulb Electronic Flasher

Clicking SoundNoPolarizedYesTypeLED Car FlasherTypical Vehicle TypeAmericanReplaces Stock Bulb: FLASHERDimensions: 5.15cm(2.03″) x 3.05cm(1.2″) x 3.05cm(1.2″)

Case: Nylon pa6,6 + 30% Black
Base: Bakelite (yellow)Fastons B, L: Cu Zn Ni
Technical Characteristics
Nominal VoltageUn12V
Operating VoltageUop11V…15V
Pull-in VoltageUi[email protected]
Test VoltageUp13V±0.2V
Test TemperatureTp+20°C±2°C
Switch CurrentAn0.02A – 10A
Max. CurrentAm10A
Flashing Frequencyf90 TIMES/min±10%
Operating TemperatureTop-40°C…+80°C
Storage TemperatureTsto+100°C/2h
Life Time400h/Wn
Operates SilentlyYes
Important Notes concerning LED Flashers: These flashers do not replace all flasher units. Before you order, please see the pin outs of our flashers in the More Info page and compare with the one you are replacing. Click the part numbers for complete specifications. You can usually find your flasher pin out printed right on your flasher. Failure to check this and installation in an incompatible vehicle can blow your fuse, destroy the flasher and void the flasher warranty.
Notes: Some of these flashers operate silently, they do not make the familiar clicking sound when operating. One solution is to connect a common automotive relay to the output along with your LED bulbs.