Aqua 3mm LED-LED Source CHIP SMD COB


Aqua 3mm LED

ColorCyan (Aqua)Continuous Forward Current20Forward Voltage3.6VLED Package3 mm (T-1)Lens ColorClearLumen0.3 LumenMaximum Forward Voltage4VMillicandela4000mcdOperating Temperature-40~+85 °CPeak Forward Current50mAPower Dissapation100mWReverse Voltage5VStorage Temperature-40~+85 °CTotal Power Consumption0.072 WattsTube DiameterT-1Viewing Angle18 degreeWavelength505 nm

Part Number: RL3-A4018 – Super-Aqua LED (GaInN/GaN), Chip Manufacturer: TEKCORE
Appears as light shade of Green (505nm) The name Aqua differentiates from Green
absolute maximum ratings: (TA=25°C)
Power DissipationPD100mW
Continuous Forward CurrentIF20mA
Peak Forward Current (1/10th duty cycle, 0.1ms pulse width)IFM50mA
Reverse VoltageVR5.0V
Operating TemperatureTA-40~+85°C
Storage TemperatureTSTG-40~+85°C
Reverse Current (VR=5V)IR10μa
Lead Soldering Temperature (3mm from body) 260C (for 3 seconds)
optoelectric characteristics:
View Angle of Half Power2?1/218Degree
Forward VoltageVF4.03.6VIF=20mA
Peak Emission Wavelength? P505nm?
Luminous IntensityIV4000mcdIF=20mA

Dimensions in millimeters (inches)