5mm Blinking Red/Blue LED-LED Source CHIP SMD COB


5mm Blinking Red/Blue LED

ColorBlinking Red/BlueContinuous Forward Current20LED Package5 mm (T-1 3/4)Lens ColorClearLumen0.2 LumenMillicandela2000mcdOperating Temperature-40~+80 °CReverse Current100mAReverse Voltage5VStorage Temperature-40~+80 °CTotal Power Consumption0.1 WattsTube DiameterT1-3/4Viewing Angle20 degreeWavelength470 nm/635 nm

Part Number: RL5-BRB2020 – Blinking Red/Blue LED (GaN)
absolute maximum ratings: (TA=25°C)
Continuous Forward CurrentIF20mA?
Derating Linear From 50 °C?0.4 mA/°C?
Reverse VoltageVR5.0V?
Operating TemperatureTA-40~+80°C?
Storage TemperatureTSTG -40~+80°C?
Lead Soldering Temperature (4mm from body) 260C (for 5 seconds)
optoelectric characteristics:
Viewing Angle2?1/220DegreeIF=20mA
Operating VoltageVdd3.05.010.0VIF=20mA
Reverse CurrentIR100uAVR=5V
Peak Emission Wavelength?640645650nmIF=20mA
Dominant Wavelength?630635640nm
Luminous Intensity?150020004000nm
Output Sink Current I sink?45?mAIF=20mA
Output Source Current I source?25?mAIF=20mA
Blinking Frequency F blk2.02.42.8Hz Vdd=5v


  1. CMOS Technology
  2. Operating voltage range: 3V-10V DC
  3. 1/4 Duty cycle
  4. Blinking frequency: 2.4Hz (Vdd=5V)
  5. Frequency tolerance: ±20%
  6. With bond sink and source output drivers

Warning: No reverse polarity protection – incorrect polarity connection will damage LED

Dimensions in millimeters (inches)