Dual Color COB LED Strip Lights 2700K-6500K DC 24V 12V Livingroom Decor Wall Warm White Linear Light Bar 576LED Dimmable

Dual Color COB CCT LED Strip Light High Density  2700K 3000K 4000K 6500K White Light Bar  Continous Color Change from 2700K to 6500K


Strip Length: 1M / 2M / 3M/ 4M / 5M Per Reel
Input Voltage: DC 12V/24V,optional, safe to use
Input Interface: Flat 4Pin Male, or White Yellow Black 3 wires, optional
Strip Width: 10mm
Dimmable and CCT: Yes with extra controller, available in store

Wattage: 5+5W/m, 7.5+7.5W/m, 10+10W/m, optional
LED Chip Quantity: 576 LEDs per meter
Cutting Length: DC24V-every 27.8mm
Color Temperature: From 2700K to 6500K
Color Rendering Index: Ra>90
Operation Temperature: -20℃-+45℃
Storage Temperature: -20℃-+60℃
Beam Angle: 180°
Waterproof Level: IP20, not waterproof
CE RoHs certificated

20W CCT Light Bightness

2700K: 1075LM/m, Efficiency 100-110LM/w;

6500K: 1177LM/m, Efficiency 110-120LM/w;

Package included:
1x COB CCT LED strip(power supply not included)

COB is new technology for LED strip manufacturing, provides much more uniform continuous light than traditional SMD LED strip. No dark point

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LED Strip FAQs

Q: What is COB LED strip?

A: COB is the abbreviation for Chip on Board, which basically means to package the LED die directly on the circuit board (PCB). The “Chip on Board” LED used on flexible strip lights is also sometimes called a flip-chip.

Q: What is the advantages of COB LED strips?

A: No LED Hotspots, even in tight spaces!

Brighter Light

More flexibility

More Efficient, Less Heat

Cut and Connect

Color Options

Q: Do I need to heatsink my LED strip?

A: not needed.

Q: Is dimming available?

A: Yes, extra controller needed. Available in store.

Q: What is 480LEDs/m?

A: It means there are 480pcs LED lighting chips per meter. If you buy 5 meters, the total quantity of LED chips will be 2400.

Q: What is difference between 4mm/8mm/10mm/12mm Width?

A: It means the width of the strip.

Considering the space of installation, you may choose diffirent width strips.

The more the width is, the better the heat dissipation will be. The brightness at same power, 10mm Width Strip > 8mm > 4mm

4mm strip has almost no edge, suitable for super narrow places

Q: What is difference between 5W/10W/15W Power?

A: It means 5/10/15 watt per meter. High power will bring more than brightness. The brightness 15W> 10W > 5W

Q: When to choose 5W/10W/15W Power?

A: For backlight or ambient Light, 5W strip would work well.

For places you definitely need more brightness, you could choose 15W version.

We have brightness parameter sheets in the descripiton. You may compare and choose.

Q: How do I choose a power supply?

A: Check the power of the strip. For example 10W/m, you want 3 meters strip. The total power would be 10w/m*3m=30W. For power supply, you need 12V 3A(36W) for 12V strip or 24V 1.5A(36W) for 24V strip. The power of power supply should be higher or very close to the power of strip. If you are not sure, just leave us a message.

Q: What is difference between 12V and 24V Strip?

A: For short strip, less than 5 meters. They are almost the same. For strips more than 5 meters, we suggest 24V version. Because of voltage drop.

Q: What do I need to power up the LED strip?

A: 12V/24V Power adapter/supply for power; LED controller(optional) for dimmer or color change. All available in store

Q: How long can I connect the strip?

A: Usually we suggest less than 10meters. If you need long strips, we suggest 3 solutions as below:

1, power up strip from both 2 ends

2, Connect “Y” strip. 2 strips connect to power in parallel, strips go “y” shape.

3, use power repeater