• UL-T8-1498mm-22W-AC90-277V-110LM/W-2500LM-$9.5
  • UL-T8-1498mm-22W-AC90-277V-100LM/W-2300LM-$8
  • UL-T8-1198mm-18W-AC90-277V-120LM/W-2200LM-$9
  • UL-T8-1198mm-18W-AC90-277V-110LM/W-2000LM-$8
  • UL-T8-1198mm-18W-AC90-277V-100LM/W-1800LM-$7

Our Products

Choose from thousands of LED products for Heavy Duty Off Road, High Powered LED, LED Modules, LED Strips, and Vehicles.

Heavy Duty Off Road

We have more than 500 kinds of Off Road LED Lights, and we also help our customers make Special LED Solution in their Projects

LED Strips

We have many kinds of LED Strips and LED Bars. We also have different Size, Power, Color, Material, Applications LED Strips. Our LED Stips can use for Home, Business, AD&Signal, Shop, Hotel and more applications.

High Powered LED

We have many High Powerd, High Performance and High Sink LED Flood Lights. It widely used in Supermarkets,Birdges, Docks,Exhibition Hall, Government,Docoration Projects,Public Squares, Tunnel, City Landscape,outdoor Expressways,Streets. It can replace high pressure sodium lamp with 2000W and more.

LED Modules

We have mor than 100 kinds of LED modules and light resource. It is mainly used to display the night effect of advertising fonts (acrylic, blister) and signs. It is installed on the top or wall of the building and uses LED as the light source.

LED Vehicle lights

We have more than 500 kinds of LED Vehicle lights,which can used in Cars, Trucks, Motors. It Including headlight, fog light, tail light, brake light, turn signal light, license plate light, door light, interior light, width light, navigation, entertainment system, backlight and indicator light, etc.

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